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Jessye. 19. Minnesota.

Im back at college and making shitty meals for myself.

My blog isnt nearly as popular as it used to be, but hey, maybe that means Ive actually had a social life for a change.

This is my life, these are my stories.

Fashion. Art. Fandom
  • Margaery: I mean an orgy in a non-sexual way, just for like the arc de triumph, that’s it.
  • Sansa: What’s an arc de triumph?
  • Margaery: This is when two dudes go down on us - this is how I picture it - they’re butt to butt, and then you and I do Oprah hands.
  • Sansa: Ohh, I see. I see. Totally non-sexual. We just stare at each other, right? As the dudes go down on us at the same time?
  • Margaery: Yeah, exactly.
  • Sansa: So, we’re making a lot of eye contact?
  • Margaery: Yeah, it’s like a feminism thing.


wet dream: being financially secure with a career i enjoy

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